Work in Progress

“Debt of Gratitude: Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Politics of US Latinx Twitter.” sx archipegalos (under review as of Dec 2018; 8,313 words).

Abstract: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Twitter aesthetic relies upon the creation of an emotional debt economy, of providing an excess expression of appreciation and gratitude for his followers so that they feel indebted to him. Appeals to emotion enable Miranda to mobilize his followers and their purchasing power. Often blurring the line between the personal, the profitable, and the political, the neoliberal aesthetics of Miranda’s Twitter production are productively contextualized by reviewing his prior marketing strategies for In The Heights (2008) as well as his family background in political lobbying. This essay also engages in a comparative analysis of Miranda’s invocation of “for you” on Twitter with that of twelve other US Latinx writers with two goals: to identify broader key trends in the discursive strategies used on Latinx Twitter as well as make the case for the urgent need to document and archive contemporary Latinx Twitter production.