Work in Progress

Forthcoming Publications

“North of 96th Street: Latinx Class Mobility and In the Heights by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes” in From the Bowery to the Bronx: A Cultural History of New York City Through Song, Intellect Books [2022; approx. 3,500 words].

“In pursuit of property and forgiveness: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton and In the Heights” in Critical Diálogos in Latina and Latino Studies, NYU Press [publication expected August 2021; approx. 5,000 words].

Research Project, “Activism and US Latinx Theater.”

Several questions inspire my current research: When and how is art able to accomplish, produce, and/or inspire social change on issues of racial justice, equality, and equity? What is the history of US Latinx theater in terms of social movements and activism? When has US Latinx theater played a role in the community’s call for action in response to racial discrimination and violence?

My early-stage research project analyzes how 21st century US Latinx theater engages activism on stage and on the page. Attentive to 20th century trends in the content, form, performance, and publication of US Latinx plays, I will address how contemporary playwrights depict social movements and political agency, while taking into account audience dynamics. Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, the deportation and imprisonment of immigrants, Trump presidency, coronavirus pandemic, Arizona’s HB 2281, and the attack on critical race theory are important historical contexts inspiring a new generation of US Latinx playwrights to analyze the power and limits of collective action.

I’d like to acknowledge the funding support from Bucknell’s Mellon Grant on “Confounding Problems in the Public Humanities and the Arts,” which enabled me to collaborate with an undergraduate Research Assistant, Magui Torres-Loredo, during Summer 2021. Additionally, Presidential Fellow, Siobhan Nerz, will serve as a Research Assistant for the project during the 2021-2022 academic year.