(June 8, 2016) Author Celebration at Caribbean Studies Association Conference in Haiti

I had the pleasure of having Market Aesthetics: The Purchase of the Past in Caribbean Diasporic Fiction (University of Virginia Press 2015) launched at the Caribbean Studies Association conference in Haiti in June 2016. Carol Bailey of Westfield State University graciously agreed to introduce the book, providing an overview of its arguments and (thankfully) some its merits.

I’m grateful to the organizers of the Author Celebration panel, Kamille Gentles-Peart, Karen Flynn, and Sheri K. Lewis, for their hard work, generous spirit, and joyful celebration of Caribbean Studies scholarship.

The Author Celebration panel also included presentations on Yarimar Bonilla’s Non-Sovereign Futures: French Caribbean Politics in the Wake of Disenchantment, Angelique Nixon’s Resisting Paradise: Tourism, Diaspora, and Sexuality in Caribbean Culture, and Andrea Queeley’s Rescuing Our Roots: The African Anglo-Caribbean Diaspora in Contemporary Cuba.