Courses Taught



Fall 2021

  • Introductory Topics in Race and Literature:  “Reading Race in Time Travel
  • Seminar in Contemporary American Literature: “Staging Activism: US Latinx Theater”

Spring 2021

  • US Latinx Literature: Growing Up Latinx

Fall 2020

Spring 2020

  • US Latinx Theater: Margins to Mainstream
  • Public Speaking in the 21st Century

Fall 2019

  • Seminar in Contemporary American Literature: “Borderlands: Geographies of Nation and Self in US Latinx Memoir”
  • Thesis Workshop for Literary Studies

Spring 2019

  • Introductory Topics in Race and Literature:  “In Other Worlds: Reading Race in Speculative Fiction”
  • Public Speaking in the 21st Century

Fall 2018

Fall 2017-Spring 2018

  • On Leave

Spring 2017

Fall 2016

Spring 2016

  • On Leave

Fall 2015          

  • Studies in Contemporary Literature: “(Re)Imagining the Past in Caribbean Historical Fiction”
  • Contemporary Multiethnic American Literature: “Challenging the Borders of Americanness”


Undergraduate Courses         

  • U.S. Latino/a Theater and Film; U.S. Latino/a Literature; Caribbean Literature in English; Historical Fiction; Women in Literature; 20th Century Major American Writers; American Literature since 1865; Honors Senior Seminar; Introduction to Literary Studies; Interpretation of Drama

Graduate Seminars               

  • U.S. Latino/a Performance; U.S. Latino/a Historical Fiction; U.S. Latino/a Literature and Theory: Genre and Writing the Hyphen; U.S. Latino/a Literature and Theory: Politics and the Market; Caribbean Historical Fiction; Caribbean Fabulist Fiction; Caribbean Literature and Theory: Migration in the Caribbean Imaginary; Principles and Problems of Literary Study; Teaching Colloquium for English Graduate Teaching Assistants; Research Colloquium for MA Thesis Students