(Mar. 27, 2019) Presenting at 4th Biennial Latina/o Literature Conference

At the CUNY John Jay 4th Biennial Latina/o Literature Conference, I presented as part of a panel dedicated to the 2018 edited collection, Dialectical Imaginaries: Materialist Approaches to U.S. Latino/a Literature in the Age of Neoliberalism, published by the University of Michigan Press.

The panel was moderated by Marcial González from the University of California at Berkeley and my fellow panelists included Michael Dowdy from the University of South Carolina and R. Andrés Guzmán from Indiana University at Bloomington. I provided an overview of the chapter I contributed to the Dialectical Imaginaries collection, entitled, “Bodega Sold Dreams: Middle-Class Panic and the Crossover Aesthetics of In the Heights.”