(Jan. 19, 2020) Market Aesthetics is cited in MELUS and Postcolonial Text

My monograph, Market Aesthetics, was critically engaged by two scholars recently. Sarah Winstein-Hibbs’s 2019 MELUS article entitled, “A Critical Regionalist Reading of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao: Rethinking Magical Realism through Afro-Caribbean Oral Narrative” cites my “convincing” argument (alongside that of Jennifer Harford Vargas) about “Yunior’s ‘dictatorial’ poetics.” Meanwhile, Ruth McHugh-Dillon’s 2018 essay, “Island Mentality: Mapping “de globality ov it all” between Jamaica, England, and Australia in Maxine Beneba Clarke’s Big Islan” in Postcolonial Text references my analysis of the “’pedagogical imperative’ of historical fiction.” What a great way to start 2020, learning about how my research is being read and forms part of the critical conversations in both US Latinx and Caribbean Studies!