(Feb. 9, 2023) RSVP for my UNC Virtual Presentation on US Latinx theatre

On February 28th at 4:00 pm (EST), the English Department at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is hosting my virtual presentation about US Latinx theater and archival activism.

Come join in the conversation and REGISTER HERE.

Abstract: By situating archival work as a form of activism, we can appreciate how US Latinx playwrights are responding to a problem of generational discontinuity, to the gaps in community knowledge about US Latinx history and activism. Archival activism finds expression through representation (narrative, visual, sound, and prop elements of a performance) and institutional practices that create new spaces for community building and belonging (oral history projects, educational programming, and social media). US Latinx theatre archives a history of US Latinx activism while also opening up the definition of activism to include Other models and voices. This presentation will highlight the institutions of Borderlands Theatre in Dallas, Texas and Cara Mia Theater in Tuscon, Arizona, as well as analyze Guadalis del Carmen’s pandemic play, “Mami’s Recipe Book” (2020).