Public Humanities Project

The mission of the “More Latinx Plays” project is to “amplif[y] the work of US Latinx playwrights and theaters so that everyone reads/stages/supports more Latinx plays!”

I am currently focused on creating a series of Instagram posts that showcase US Latinx theater institutions and compelling quotations from US Latinx plays.

Block Print by Elena Machado Sáez, using rubber stamping (2021)

This intervention was Inspired by my experience teaching ENLS 311 “Staging Activism in US Latinx Theater” in Fall 2021. Students from that class contributed posts based on their research on specific playwrights and during Spring 2022, research assistant Siobhan Nerz developed a series of more in-depth posts about Luiz Valdez, Guadalis del Carmen, and Virginia Grise.